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Jays do too many things wrong, lose to Mariners

Bad baseball makes Tom a sad boy.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Mariners 4

That was an irritating game.

Let’s start by saying we should have scored more runs. But......

Bottom of the 7th, Jays up by a run. The inning starts with Robinson Cano hitting a double off the center field wall. Kevin Pillar made a nice play on the ball, throwing to second and almost getting Cano (mostly because Cano decided to watch his hit instead of run).

After a ground out (very very nice play by Ryan Goins), and a walk, Danny Valencia singled to left. Ezequiel Carerra rainbowed (it should be a word) the throw into the plate, well late. His throw should have been low so it could have been cutoff. Martin took the throw and threw to 3rd, but Troy Tulowitzki was very slow with the tag. Tie game, runner on third.

Now Biagini should have been pulled. He wasn’t.

Biagini walked Mike Zunino, bringing up lefty Jarrod Dyson and Aaron Loup was warm in the pen. Obvious time to bring Loup in. Nope. Dyson singles and we are behind.

And Biagini is still out there, but he got the last out of the inning.

There is no excuse for leaving him out there. 7th inning. 8 man pen? Off-day yesterday. Could have pulled Biagini and let him come out of the the game happy with the great effort.

It was a good start, 7 innings (would have been a better start if it were 6.1 innings), 5 hits (3 in the 7th inning) , 3 earned, 2 walks (both in that 7th).

Mistakes, in that inning, cost us the game. Please Jays, call up Dwight Smith. He can’t be worse.

We should have scored more. We loaded the bases in the first but didn’t score. We started the second inning with a walks and a single, and got 1 run. And in the third inning Jose Bautista hit a solo homer. That would be it for scoring.

In the 7th, Kevin Pillar hit a 2-out single and Josh Donaldson followed with a double, but Kevin ran through a, late, stop sign and was thrown out at the plate. Mariners center fielder, Dyson, did a great job keeping the ball close when he dived for it and missed, he threw it in quick (and hit the cutoff man, wouldn’t it be nice if we could hit a cutoff man?). The stop sign might have been late, but he should have stopped.

And we got a couple of singles in the 8th but couldn’t score them.

We had 10 hits, including a homer and 3 walks, and only scored 2 runs.

Josh, Jose and Ezequiel each had 2 hits. Martin (0 for 3, 2 k, 1 walk, 1 double play) and Goins (0 for 4, 2 strikeouts) had 0 fors. One of Goins strikeouts was a ill-advised 2 strike bunt single attempt, foul tipped for strike three. I hate 2-strike bunt attempts. This one, runner on first, I’d rather the long shot hope that he finds a gap. Tulo had a tough game, leaving 4 on base and costing us big with the slow tag in the 7th.

Jay of the Day: Bautista (.181 WPA).

Suckage: Biagini (-.146, not fair really cause he should have been pulled when he showed he was out of gas), Martin (-.108). And I’m giving Suckage awards to Morales (-.090) and Tulo (-.081) because they really could have helped out with a timely hit.

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