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2017 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 MLB Draft resumes today with rounds 3-10, that is 240 picks. Things move much quicker today with little down time between picks, and the eight rounds today should take somewhere around five hours based on the past.

The live feed can be followed here, and the Draft Tracker is here (hopefully doesn't have many freezing issues this year). The major bonus today (and tomorrow) is the coverage is anchored by real experts in Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo rather than Harold Reynolds asking if Kyle Wright has received a text message from Dansby Swanson from on the field in Washington.

To recap, yesterday the Blue Jays made three selections:

I'll continue to write-up individual profiles of draftees for at least the first couple draftees today, but for the later picks on whom there's less information at some point it'll be a summary page depending on exactly how things develop.

There's still a lot of talent out there, and Baseball America has a useful summary,of the best remaining, the list headlined by a lot of high school pitching. A lot of that talent is going to come of the board pretty quickly since teams have had the chance to talk to players an re-assess demands against what they think they'll have in terms of slot room.

There's some really interesting high school arms that I'd love to see the Jays take, and which incidentally would give them one of each demographic with their first four picks. It's worth noting however that last year they didn't take any high school pitchers until the 11th round leading off Day 3.