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Jays Activate Pearce, place Coghlan on DL

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays, as we were told us they would, activated Steve Pearce from the DL. To make room on the roster they have placed Chris Coghlan on the DL with a ‘wrist contusion’ Coghlan last played June 7th, 9 days ago, so maybe it isn’t a pretend injury.

The Coghlan injury saves Dwight Smith from a trip back to Buffalo. I’m glad Smith gets to stay, I was worried that he’d have one game and be banished again.

I figured the team would keep the 8-man bullpen. I hope, at some point they go back to a 7-man pen, but, with Jason Grilli in the ‘only use in blowouts’ role, it is tough to drop to a 7-man pen. He’s going to have to remember how to pitch or be released sometime soon. Jeff Beliveau pitched a good 2 innings in our lose to the Rays Tuesday. I’m hoping he can gain Gibby’s trust.

Welcome back Pearce.

Tonight’s lineup: