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Lacking Offense, Jays lose to White Sox

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

White Sox 5 Blue Jays 2

Where has all the offense gone?

April, we couldn’t hit. May, we could. June....can’t hit again.

We managed 6 hits and 2 runs against Mike Pelfrey and 4 White Sox relievers. We scored on a Ryan Goins ground rule double and a Dwight Smith single. No Jay had more than 1 hit. Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Luke Maile had the 0 fors. Josh also had an error, so a tough day for him and had another ball go through him that should have been an error.

Our best chance came in the 7th inning. We loaded the bases, with just 1 out, but Ryan Goin hit in an inning ending double play.

That was our last shot at getting into the game, we went 3 up 3 down in both the 8th and the 9th.

And we hit into 2 double plays.

Marcus Stroman was good, other than 3 solo homers against. He went 7, allowed 6 hits, walked 1, struck out 5. He had 10 ground outs and 1 fly out. He had 4 fly balls and 3 of them left the park. One of the homers was a wall scraper, but the other two were hit. If you go 7 and allow just 3 runs, you really shouldn’t be taking a loss.

Ryan Tepera and Aaron Loup each gave up a run in their respective inning of work. Ryan’s run was unearned, scoring on Donaldson’s error. Aaron Loup had an error of his own.

Jays of the Day: Tulo (.094 WPA).

Suckage: Josh (-.172) and Goins (-.093). It doesn’t seem fair, Goins had the one Blue Jay extra base hit of the game, but he loses points for hitting into a double play, with the bases loaded, in the 7th inning, ending our best chance at a comeback.

It’s been a frustraiting season. We get close to .500 and then lose a couple, get close again, and then lose a couple.

We didn’t have a busy GameThread today. Only 243 comments. I was the winner. Yay.

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