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Game #55 GameThread: Yankees @ Jays

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to be MIA for the weekend, I'm doubting I'll even have cell phone reception most of the time. So, we'll have bare bones GameThreads.

Francisco Liriano comes off the DL for this start (thanks for the 3 innings Campos, here is your ticket back to Buffalo). He was having a rough time before going on the DL. Hope all is better now.

Michael Pineda starts for the Yankees, he's been pretty good.


As always, remember we have rules around there. Mostly it's "don't be terrible". If a moderator ask you to stop doing something, please stop. Remember losing makes Tom a wee bit grumpy. Also don't debate the rules in the thread. Send Tom a note instead (he doesn't get near enough email).

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