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A comeback win: Jays beat Rangers

That was a great ending.

Toronto Blue Jays v Texas Rangers Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Blue Jays 7 Rangers 6

Until the top of the ninth that was a frustrating game.

Down by one in the 9th. Ryan Goins led off with a double (just barely safe at second, if he had been out, I’d have gone to Texas and personally taken him down to the minors, at gun point if necessary). After a pop out by Kevin Pillar (he looks so lost at the plate, time to give him a couple of days off), Josh Donaldson singled to tie the game. Love you Josh.

A Jose Bautista walk later, Kendrys Morales singled home the go ahead run.

We should have scored more, Smoak walked to load the bases, but Troy Tulowitzki popped out and Russell Martin struck out.

That was all off Matt Bush. Honestly, there is no team I’d rather see lose like that, and no pitcher I’d rather see lose like that.

It was 1-1 going into the fourth inning, due to dueling solo homers from Nomar Mazara and Justin Smoak.

In the top of the fourth we scored 4.

Jose Bautista had a 1-out solo homer. Kendrys Morales doubled, Justin Smoak singled and Russell Martin walked. Then Steve Pearce doubled them all home.

Life seemed good. Unfortunately, just for the moment.

In the bottom of the inning, Marco Estrada walked the leadoff hitter and I though “uh uh”, But he struck out Mike Napoli, all is good. Another walk and then another strikeout. 2 out, 2 on. All would be good.

Shin-Soo Chin hit a swinging bunt past Marco, that Marco dived after, coming up well short. Justin Smoak went and got the ball, but I thought he should have stayed on his base and let Ryan Goins try to make a play. Might not have happened, but I thought that was the right play. Bases loaded.

Then a ground ball that split Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki. 2 runs scored. Bad luck on both of those singles, but, when you walk 2 in an inning, you are inviting bad luck.

A walk and a double later and we were behind.

There was bad luck but there was a lot of bad pitching. Marco should have come out of the game earlier, but I can understand wanting your started to go more than 3.2, but Marco didn’t look good. I’m sure there is something physically wrong with him. He went 3.2, allowed 7 hits, 6 earned, 4 walks, with 4 strikeouts. He wasn’t missing the plate by inches, he was missing the plate by feet. Way high, way low, way outside.

Our bullpen didn’t allow a run for the 5.1 innings:

  • Dominic Leone got the last out of the fourth. He had troubles in the fifth, giving up 3 walks, while just getting 1 out.
  • Aaron Loup came in with the bases loaded and got out of the inning without giving up a run. That was huge. And then pitched a quick sixth.
  • Jason Grilli pitched a clean seventh. I was surprised to see him come into the game there, but he did the job.
  • Jeff Beliveau pitch a clean eighth, with 2 strikeouts. Again, I thought a strange choice for a close game.
  • Roberto Osuna pitched a quick, drama free ninth (thank you Roberto) for his 18th save.

We had 10 hits and 6 walks. We should have scored more. We lead 9 base runners on. Justin Smoak had 3 hits and a walk. Great game. Morales had 2 hits, including the game winner. Russell Martin had 3 walks. The only batter not to reach base was Kevin Pillar, 0 for 5, 2 strikeouts, and looked lost.

We had many chances. Bases loaded in the sixth. Runners on in both the seventh and eighth. Thankfully we came through in the 9th (without a homer in the inning for those that worry about those things).

Just for fun sake I’ll mention: Roughned Odor was 0 for 5. Bautista hit a home and took a very important walk

Jays of the Day: Josh (.305 WPA), Kendrys (.234), Roberto (.215), Loup (.189) and Justin (.146).

Suckage: Marco (-.453) and Kevin (-.249).

We had 1169 comments in the GameThread. delv213 led us to victory. Great job. A good part of the thread was a suicide watch but we had a pretty good time, all in all.

I do want to remind you that if you get banned at Lone Star Ball (or any other SB site) for trolling, you will be banned here. We don’t need their people coming here to be stupid and they don’t need our people being stupid there.

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