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Glenn Sparkman up, Chris Smith down

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Media Day Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Jays have activated Glenn Sparkman from his rehab assignment.

And Chris Smith goes down. At lease this time he got to pitch. Last year he didn’t get to pitch in his time up with the Jays.

You know the story, Sparkman was picked up in the Rule 5 draft. He broke his thump in spring training and has been out since. He’ll be the ‘long man’ of the pen.

He throws 4 pitches, fastball, slider, changeup and curve. The fastball sits about 90-92 mph. You can see why the Jays thought he might be a good candidate be this year’s Joe Biagini. A ton of strikeouts, not a lot of walks and if he could pick up a couple of miles per hour, working shorter relief outings, he could be useful as a long man/mop up type.

Welcome to the team Glenn. Sorry to see you go Chris, I hope you’ll be back soon.