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It was a very very long game, and the Jays lost

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That wasn’t fun at all.

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
The good moment of the game.
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Red Sox 7 Blue Jays 4 (11 innings)

That was long and the wrong team won.

That last inning wasn’t fun. Aaron Loup and Glenn Sparkman gave up 4 hits, a walk and 3 runs, with an error in there.

I think we can all agree there is something not right with Marco Estrada.

Tonight....he only gave up 2 hits, but he walked 7 in 4.1 innings. He walked the first 3 batters of the 3rd inning, but managed to work his way out of it without giving up a run.

He was working a magic act, until the 5th inning. He gave up a leadoff walk. Then Mookie Betts just barely made contact with a pitch, but Josh Donaldson couldn’t get to it in time to make a play. An out later, the magic ended with a Dustin Pedroia double, scoring 2. That was it for Estrada.

I don’t know if his back is bothering him again, or if it is something new, but he just isn’t right. I hope he can get a few days off, over the All-Star break and get right.

Danny Barnes finished off the inning. In the 6th, he got unlucky. Jackie Bradley popped one to medium left, but Ezequiel Carrera lost it in the......let’s say moon...and it fell for a double. 2 runs would score that inning. Had Ezequiel made the easy catch? I guess you never know, but it would have been a better inning.

Jeff Beliveau gave up a double that put the Red Sox ahead, before getting out of the inning.

Dominic Leone pitched a scoreless 7th.

Ryan Tepera had some trouble in the 8th. A 1-out Betts double was followed by a a walk, but he got a nice double play turned behind him, to get out of the inning.

Roberto Osuna gave up a double, but that’s all, in the 9th. There was comments about why not more than 1 inning for Osuna, but I figure we are being gentle with him, while he is dealing with his issues.

Aaron Loup loaded the bases in the 10th (being fair, two of the 3 walks were intentional), but got out of the inning.

In the 11th, Loup gave up a double then a single. An out later, another single scored the go ahead run.

Glenn Sparkman came in to make his first MLB appearance, and gave up a 2-run single. And then, a popup down the right field line popped out of Goins’ glove. He didn’t look bad to me. I can see why the Jays want him.


Well, the first inning went as planned. Jose Bautista singled and Josh Donaldson was hit by pitch. Then Justin Smoak hit a homer to give us a rare (for this week) lead.

We wouldn’t do much more until Troy Tulowitzki hit a solo homer in the 6th.

In between we had just 4 base runners.

And after the Tulo home, we only had 4 more base runners.

None of our batters had more than one hit and the three at the bottom of the order went 0 for 14 with 6 strikeouts.

The ‘play of the game’ had to be Ezequiel losing the ball in the....atmosphere. But, on the plus side, Bautista made a couple of very nice throws from the outfield.

The 2 teams handed out 20 walks (3 of them were intentional), so you would have expected more runs to score. 14 of them were by the Jays pitchers. The strike zone might have been a little tight early on, but not terrible, guys just had trouble hitting the zone. Course 7 of those walks were from Marco and it wasn’t the umpire’s strikezone that caused those. Marco was all over the place.

Ryan Goins batted in the 8th and the 10th inning. I didn’t understand why. Steve Pearce was on the bench. Pearce can hit some, Goins....well he struck out, both times, on pitches above his head. To lose a game in extras with Pearce sitting on the bench is just wrong.

Jays of the Day: Osuna (.141 WPA), Ryan Tepera (.109) and Smoak (.160).

Suckage: Loup (-.217), Believeau (-.102), Morales (-.166), Pillar (-.125 and he didn’t catch a ball hit over his head that I thought he’d get) and Maile (-.095). Sparkman had a -.098, but I can’t give him a Suckage in his first day in the MLB.

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