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Jays DFA Parmley, Harrell up

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Toronto Blue Jays v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After running through the entire bullpen yesterday, we knew there would be a roster move this morning.

The Jays sent Ian Parmley down to Buffalo. Parmley had been DFAed to make room for Harrell on the 40-man. Parmley had 4 PA in his time with the Jays, 3 ours and a sac bunt. It was pretty clear the Parmley was going to stay on the bench unless something really had happened, so we might as well send him down.

Lucas Harrell is a right-handed, 32 year old, pitcher. He’s made 6 starts in Buffalo, with a 2.28 ERA. In 27.2 innings, he allowed 27 hits, 10 walks and 20 strikeouts.

Lucas has pitched in the majors, he’s pitched in 97 games, making 71 starts, over 6 seasons, with the Astros, White Sox, Rangers and Braves. He has a 4.77 career ERA. In 448.2 innings he has 304 strikeouts and 225 walks, 4.5 walks per 9.

Lucas could give us some innings if Liriano has to come out of the game early.