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Sale’s good, Jays aren’t

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Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Red Sox 7 Blue Jays 1

That wasn’t fun, but, it didn’t take 4 hours and 40 minutes....always look on the bright side of life.

Chris Sale was Chris Sale. 7 innings, 4 hits, 1 walk and 11 strikeouts. We aren’t hitting and Sale is great....a bad combination.

Justin Smoak had half our hits, against Sale, and our only extra base hit. Troy Tulowitzki and Ryan Goins had our other hits.

Josh Donaldson had a particularly back day, going 0 for 4 with 4 strikeouts.

In the 9th, Steve Pearce hit a solo homer. Barney followed with a single, but too little too late

Francisco Liriano wasn’t great. 6 innings, 7 hits, 5 earned, 3 walks and 4 strikeouts. He was unlucky in the second. with two outs, Deven Marrero hit a soft linerish thing just over Smoak. A walk later, he got to 2-2 against Dustin Pedroia, and throw a nice pitch, that should have been strike three, but it was called a ball. A fouled off pitch later, Pedroia hit a double. It seems to always be the way....

Lucus Harrell, just called up today, gave us 2.2 much needed innings. He gave up 5 hits and 2 runs. He got lucky on a wild pitch, that hit the wall behind Martin and bounced back to Russell. An easy throw to Harrell and we got an out at the plate. Jeff Beliveau got the last out.

No Jays of the Day.

Suckage: Liriano (-.243). You could give one to the entire offense, minus Smoak.

We had 442 comments in the GameThread. TimmyMax led the way. Good job.