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Blue Jays mid-term report card: Grade Russell Martin’s first half

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I figured since we’ve made it to the All-Star break, which baseball considers mid-season, we should do Blue Jays mid-term report cards. We’ll do a series of polls to grade our players.

Let’s start with Russell Martin.

Russell is getting on base great. He’s hitting .235/.378/.403. He has a wRC+ of 115, which would be his best mark since 2014. He’s brought up his walk rate to 16.2%, up from 12.0 last year, and he’s striking out less, 22.0% down from 27.7.

He’s hit into a few double plays, something that tends to happen with slow RHB.

I like that Gibby has moved him up to the 2 spot in the order, we don’t have many guys getting on base, we might as well have the ones that are near the top of the order.

Defensively, he’s throwing out 18% of base stealers, a little bit better than last year. Beyond that, his defense at catcher has looked good. I have few complaints, maybe, occasionally, it seems he loses a bit of focus when we are behind, late in games, and he’ll let more balls get past him than he usually will. Or at least it seems that way to me.

He’s been surprisingly good at third base, in his 9 games there. He hasn’t made an error there yet, and has made all the plays you’d expect from a 3B.

I really like the guy. Maybe it’s the Canadian thing. Maybe it is the gritty hard worker thing.

He’s getting paid a lot of money and will continue to for the next two seasons, but that’s not his fault. He’d be an interesting trade chip if he wasn’t being paid so much. As it is, if the Jays wanted to trade him, they would have to send money along. Since we don’t have a catcher ready to step into his spot, I don’t see him going anywhere.


For the first half, I’d give Russell Martin a

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