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Blue Jays mid-term report card: Grade Troy Tulowitzki’s first half

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MLB: Houston Astros at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

After Troy Tulowitzki had a pretty decent second half, last year, I was hoping that we were watching the Tulowitzki who we were going to see play for the rest of his contract.

I was in Denver to watch the Blue Jays/Rockies series, and I bought the narrative that the series brought him closure on his time as the hero for the Rockies and he had decided to be a Blue Jay. He seemed to take a larger role with the Jays after that. He wasn’t the star he had been in the past, but for half a season, he was a good player.

This year, he’s been either injured or not good.

He’s hitting .250/.302/.398 with 7 home runs in 54 games. Fangraphs has him at an 83 wRC+. He has been a bit better of late, hitting .271/.319/.471 over his last 23 games. Maybe he was still dealing with his with his hamstring issue and he’ll have a better second half again.

His defense has taken a bit of a step back too. Fangraphs has him at a -4.7 UZR/150. And he’s making more errors than in the past. He’s made 7 in his 52 games, last year in 128 games, he only made 9.

He’s 32 and he’s had many injuries in his career, so a decline is to be expected, but I was hoping it would be slower than this.


For the first half, I’d give Troy Tulowitzki an

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