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Blue Jays mid-term report card: Grade Ezequiel Carrera’s first half

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

I think of Ezequiel Carrera in much the same way I think of Ryan Goins, a good utility player, who plays way too much.

Ezequiel is having a good year at the plate, hitting .285/.351/.419 with 7 home runs (a career high). FanGraphs has him at a 107 wRC+, a good number for Carrera, if maybe a little lower than you would like from your everyday left fielder.

Unlike last year, he doesn’t have reverse splits. He had a .832 OPS vs RHP and a .307 OPS vs LHP (in very few at bats, 21).

Most seasons, Carrera has a very bad month, or two, which ruins his hitting numbers. This year, so far, he’s been pretty consistent.

He’s been hitting far better with the bases empty, .284/.352/.440, than with runners in scoring position, .205/.271/.273.

FanGraphs says he is successful 27.3% of the time he tries to bunt for a base hit.

Like many Blue Jays, Ezequiel’s defense has been pretty bad. His UZR/150 is -9.5. He’s always had his bad moments in the outfield, but this year he appears to have forgotten how to play the outfield altogether. He takes unusual routes, he dives for (and generally misses) balls that he shouldn’t be diving for, he has great difficulty with fly balls near the fence and, maybe worst of all, he rarely throws to the right base. It seems he almost always tries for the lead runner, even when he has no shot, allowing other runners to move up.

I would have preferred the team to have played a prospect, during the time Steve Pearce was injured and I’d love the team to shop Ezequiel and Pearce to make room for Dalton Pompey or Dwight Smith. We might as well see what we have there.


For the first half, I’d give Ezequiel Carrera an

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