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Wednesday Bantering: Jays news and Manfred talks

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MLB: All-Star Game
Roberto pitching last night.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Two days with no baseball....though the way this season has been going, we can use the break.

It was nice to see both Justin Smoak and Roberto Osuna do well in the All-Star game. Single and a walk for Smoak. A scoreless inning for Osuna.

And the AL won, which, thankfully, means nothing this year.

Bits of news:

  • We are still waiting for news of how the rotation is going to shake out after Aaron Sanchez’ start on Friday. As soon as I post they will announce.
  • As well as Bo Bichette and Vlad Guerrero Jr moving up a step to Dunedin, the Jays are moving SS (and first round pick) Logan Warmoth up to Vancouver. Warmoth played 5 games for the GCL Blue Jays, hitting .238/.273/.372 with 1 home run.
  • I wonder if the plan is to keep moving Bo and Vlad together?

And Rob Manfred talked to the media. Some points:

  • He wants to speed up the game more. I have a feeling pitch clocks are coming. I hate the idea of limiting pitching changes, anything that limits strategies is stupid. We want to be able to second guess. I think any changes that cost us strategies are bad changes.
  • He says that testing for PEDs is at an all-time high.
  • He said that he thinks the bats might be the reason for the surge in home runs. I have a hard time believing he could be that stupid...what does he think is going on with the bats? I think he’s just trying to get people off talking about the balls.
  • He tells us that changes will be made to the game whether the players agree or not. I think it would be better to keep to the idea that the players are partners in all this.
  • And he seems to suggest that Montreal isn’t likely to get an MLB team while they still need a city to use to blackmail Tampa Bay and Oakland into getting new stadiums.
  • He’s looking for changes in how teams sign international players.
  • He says there are no more injuries coming from the WBC than there are in a normal spring training.
  • He’s concerned about how teams are using the 10-day DL. He says there are conversations going on about it.
  • And he mentions that the All-Star venue has been picked for the next two years, and that, for the three years after that, they have a number of cities wanting to host, including Toronto. The Jays seem to be using the idea as a way of selling stadium upgrades.


Anthony Alford plays tonight in Dunedin. He will DH. His first action since breaking his hamate on May 24.