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Blue Jays mid-term report card: Grade Joe Biagini’s first half

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I’m just going to do a couple more of these, since the Jays’ game is an late afternoon game. I figured we’d have an early game today.

Joe Biagini had a great first season with the Blue Jays. And he proved to be a different guy. Sometimes he seemed to work to hard to be funny in interviews, but he’s always interesting.

Coming into spring training, this year, there was a lot of talk about whether Joe would be a starter or a reliever this year. The original plan was to was to have him start in Buffalo, so he could be ready to join the rotation if a starter was injured.

As it turned out, he started the season in the pen and then was quickly stretched out to full in in the starting rotation.

He had a very good April, as a reliever. He finished the month with a 2.12 ERA in 13 games, with 4 holds, a save and a couple blown saves.

He made 5 starts in May, with a 3.85. And then 5 starts win June with a 5.88 ERA. And, after one more start in July, he was back in the bullpen.

As a starter Joe had a 5.60 ERA in 11 starts, with a 2-7 record. As a reliever he has a 5.06 ERA in 21.1 innings.

In total he has a 5.45 ERA in 76 innings. His FIP is 3.82. I’m guessing it is much lower because he seems to given up his runs the occasional bad inning here and there. He has 64 strikeouts and 23 walks in the 76 innings.

I’m hoping that the Jays trade one of their starters and put job back into the rotation for the rest of the season.


For the first half, I’d give Joe Biagini an

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