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That was 15 innings and we lost

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 4 Red Sox 5 (15 innings)

We’ll start the recap with something like a play by play of the everything from the 11th inning on. Don't expect it to make sense.

The top of the 11th was fun.

Steve Pearce led off with a double. Kevin Pillar followed with a line single (Buck was calling for a bunt, man....). Some of us thought Pearce could have scored. Personally I thought he would have been out and I think it would have been a bad idea to send him with no outs.

Then Ryan Goins hit a fly deep enough to score Pearce. I’m going to say nasty things about Goins later in this recap (not really about him, about the idea of him pinch hitting when we have others on the bench), but thanks for the sac fly.

Roberto Osuna (pinching for the 3rd day in a row) came in for the bottom of the inning. He gave up line drive single and then Sandy Leone popped up a bunt, but Josh Donaldson was running in and it got over him. Can’t blame want to be agressive on those. 2 on, no outs. Deven Marrero tried to bunt and bunted strike 3 foul. Thank you Farrell for having him bunt with 2 strikes. Then Roberto struck out Brock Holt. But Mookie Betts singled to right. Jose Bautista knew he had no chance at the plate, made a great throw to third. Josh got the tag down but hurt his hand doing it. That was one of the best throws I’ve seen him make.

Game’s tied again and on to the 12th inning:

Josh, apparently wasn’t injured, he led off with a ground out. Smoak lined out to left. Morales ground out.

Mike Bolsinger cames in, for the bottom of the 12th. Gets a ground out, pop out and some other out.

13th inning:

Tulo started off the inning with a ball hit high off the monster. It was an easy double, but, for whatever reason, Tulo didn’t pay attention and he stopped at first. Just bad baseball. Speaking of bad baseball, with two strikes Pearce swung and missed and Tulo was thrown out ‘stealing’. A Pillar ground out and we don’t score again.

Bolsinger gets a strikeout. Then he got another strikeout, but strike 3 got past Martin and Bradley reached first. The ball bounce up onto the top of the screen behind the plate. Mike got another strikeout. He has a shot at 4 strikeouts In an inning.

14th inning:

My headache is pounding.....and this will never end. Goins leads off with a fly out. Bautista walked. Minor Leaguer tells me it’s Martin hits into a double play and I think I’m getting loupy. Aaron Loupy.

Still Bolsinger. Gets yet another strikeout and then a popout. And another strikeout. 3 scoreless innings and, grab a calculator....40 strikeouts.

15th inning. I’m just going to type random words from here on in. Donaldson strikes out on a pitch that looked low, he did suggest to the ump that it was a tiny bit low. Or he was asking about the umpire’s family. Smoak singled, Carrera in to pinch run. This always works or it worked yesterday. One or the other. Morales and Tulo made outs of some sort, because there is a car commercial on.

Bottom 15th. Buck is still telling us how great Pedroia is....that’s 15 straight innings of that. And Rat Face pops up.

Hanley Ramirez (I’m not looking up the spelling) homered, game is over.

It isn’t fair for Bolsinger, he was great for 3.1....we should have scored sometime. But that’s the life of the last available pitcher.

Before the rest of recap, we have two rants:

Rant 1:

The home plate umpire was just terrible. We couldn’t get a call on the edges no matter what. We were lucky to get the calls down the middle.

On the flip side, he was giving the Red Sox pitchers 4 inches off the outside corner. Sometimes it was just a joke. Second inning, bases loaded, Jose Bautista up. First pitch off the outside edge and it’s called a strike. Totally changes the at bat. This season, Jose, after going up 1-0 has a .805 OPS. After being down 0-1 he had a .677 OPS. I’m sure the OPS is worse when Jose feels he was robbed on the first pitch. Anyway, after being robbed on the first pitch, Jose popped up on the second pitch.

He actually got better late in the extra innings.

Rant 2:

Not that it effects the game, but I can’t imagine what Dustin Pedroia would have to do to be awarded an error in Fenway. Tonight, Bautista hit a ground ball by second, Pedroia slides at it and kicks it away from himself. Now if he came up with it, he might not have got the out at first (though I think he would have), but he should have been given an error for kicking the ball to allow Jose to get to second. I mean he literally ‘booted the ball’ and still can’t get an error. Double for Jose. Pedroia gets to keep his ‘errorless streak’. How many times he’s actually made an error, during this streak, is something we’ll never know.


J.A. Happ was good, but threw too many pitches (often because the umpire missed a call) and only went 5 innings. He gave up 2 earned on 2 solo homers. We really need to get a pitcher to go deeper into a game soon, bullpen has worked a bunch.

He started off the 6th inning allowing a Pedroia home run and a Hanley Ramirez walk. Joe Biagini comes in and, despite a wild pitch and a single, got out of the inning without letting the inherited runner score by getting 3 strikeouts.

Jeff Beliveau gave up a leadoff single to Brock Holt to start the 7th and Dominic Leone came in and allowed a 2-out Pedroia double (I didn’t think I could hate that guy more). Tie game after 7.

Leone got the first out of the 8th, then Aaron Loup came in and got the next 4 outs.

Danny Barnes came into the game with 2 out in the 9th and got the next 4 outs.

The first 2 innings were typical 2017 Blue Jays:

  • First inning, Bautista starts the game with a double. And, of course, that's as far as he got. Justin Smoak walked, but that was it for offense that inning.
  • In the second inning, we loaded the bases with 1-out (Troy Tulowitzki and Kevin Pillar singled, and Darwin Barney walk. But we didn’t score (see rant one).

And we stranded runners again in the 8th, when the score was tied. Tulo singled, then the Jays sent Tulo, on a full count to Pearce, and Pearce singled behind him. Runners on the corners, no outs. But.....Pillar tapped one to second, tag out, throw out double play. After that, pinch hitter Ryan Goins (pinch hitter Ryan Goins....tie game, runner on third, 2 outs and we pinch hit with Ryan Goins).

Feels like there should be a 1000 word rant on the issue, but pinch hitting Ryan Goins with Ezequiel and Montero on the pitch really is grounds for firing a manager. We’ve had 1100 PA that shows that Ryan isn’t a hitter and far more PA showing that Montero is a decent hitter and Carrera is average, but 50 PA with RISP, this season and we ignore the years of at bats. This idea that hitting with RISP is a separate skill set is just idiotic. It makes Ryan seem like a fool. If you could hit decent, why hit like someone that should be sent to the minors most of the time. I might not think Ryan is a major league hitter, but I don’t think he’s stupid.

We scored 3 runs in the 5th inning (and not by the home run, so they count for more, right?). Bautista led off with a double again (he’s looked very good in that spot), Martin walk. An out later, Smoak doubled, Morales singled and Tulo singled.

We had a bunch of hits, 15 in total. Tulo had 4. Bautista, Smoak, Pearce, Pillar and Morales had 2 each. Martin was 0 for 6 (he also took a pinch off his throwing hand, early in the game. I think they would take him out). And the combo of Barney and Goins was 0 for 4 with a walk.

I’m tired and my head hurts....sometime tomorrow I’ll put in the JoD and the comment table. I’m sure this should be edited, but I’m off to bed.