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Jays lose again and embarrassingly badly at that

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Red Sox Many Blue Jays Few

So, as I mentioned in the recap, today is my 9th anniversary of writing on the site. I’m just a bit short of 8000 total posts (not counting GameThreads). I don’t think I’ve seen a more depressing loss.

Jays didn’t hit.

Red Sox did.

Jays didn’t field.

Red Sox did.

Jays didn’t pitch.

Red Sox did.

Joe Biagini gave up 10 hits, including 2 home runs, 2 walks and 7 strikeouts and he made his case for going back to the bullpen.

Glenn Sparkman made his second appearance for the Jays. He got unlucky on three soft hits to load the bases, then he gave up a bunch of hard hit balls. He got 1 out, gave up 7 hits and a mess of runs. He was very unlucky, a lot of balls almost caught in the outfield. Jose Bautista had two just off his glove (both would have been great catches), one was inches from Steve Pearce’s glove. I thought Sparkman looked good early, then started leaving pitches up.

Beliveau came in, gave up another homer, bunch more runs.

The top of the 7th took longer than most cricket games.

Someone else pitched too, but who cares.

Offensively.....5 hits, Smoak had 2. Donaldson didn’t hit, again. There is something wrong with him. I’ve had people tell me he can’t see the ball because of the flap on the helmet. I ask ‘how stupid do you think Josh is?’

Jays of the Day: You gotta be kidding.

Suckage: Everyone in a Jays jersey.

We had 609 comments in the GameThread (an amazingly sane GameThread, considering the game. TimmyMax led the way.