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Jays International Signings

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Eric Pardinho, Miguel Hiraldo signed

The Blue Jays spent some money on the International market.

The Jays signed:

  • Eric Pardinho, RHP, from Brazil. He gets $1.4 million (at age 16, he should retire from ball now).
  • Miguel Hiraldo. SS, from the Dominican Republic. He gets $750,000. Invested wisely, you could live off of that in the DR.
  • Alejandro Melean,RHP, from Venezuela.
  • Leonardo Jimenez, SS, from Panama.
  • Alberto Rodrigues, OF, from the Dominican Republic.
  • Rainer Diaz, SS, the Dominican Republic.
  • Jose Rivas, SS, Venezuela.

About Pardinho, Keith Law says:

Pardinho throws a 90-94 mph fastball now in a four-pitch mix that includes a power curveball with good angle and spin. I had one scout say he has a "trackman fastball" that plays above its velocity because of its own spin rate. Although he's just 5-foot-9, he's strong for his age and he's both athletic and flexible, pitching with a delivery that reflects both attributes and that he repeats extremely well for present command. He offers less projection than the typical 16-year-old international pitcher, but is also advanced enough that he could probably go to a full-season league at age 17.

About Hiraldo, CBS Sports says:

It is a hit-over-power profile at the moment, but he has the strength and bat speed to be a 20-plus homer threat down the road. He barrels everything and puts on an all-fields laser show in batting practice. While he has been training as a shortstop, it is possible that he ends up at third base, second base, left field or even catcher. His bat will have to carry the rest of the profile up the organizational ladder.

I don’t know much about the other signings, share anything you know in the thread.