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MLB Trade Rumors: Bautista, Estrada

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Detroit Tigers Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

So it is that team of year when trade rumors are all over place. I woke up to this one:

Jerry Crasnick, from ESPN is reporting there is interest in Jose Bautista. He doesn’t suggest what team or teams are interested or if the Jays are talking. Nor does he suggest if Jose has told the team he would accept any trade, as he has 10 and 5 rights.

He has what’s left on a $17 million contract for this year and a mutual option for next year (but I think we can pretty much guess that it won’t be picked up).

As much as I love watch Jose, if the team can get something that might be of value they really would have to make the deal.

And even though he’s been in a slump, Marco Estrada is being mentioned in trade rumors all over the place. I’d imagine, part of it is that they all figure his price is dropping. And some likely have some idea of what they would do to help him find his way back to pitching like he can.

If a team trades for him, it will be one that is on the edge of contention, not a team like the Astros, who are pretty sure to make the playoffs.

Marco has said he would like to stay with the Jays and he’s said that he would consider, traded or not, signing with the Jays again, when he’s a free agent after the season.

The team’s shopping Estrada, Francisco Liriano and Joe Smith. Beyond that, I have no idea what the team is thinking.

You know that some of the younger players would bring a big return. I’m not big on the idea of trading Marcus Stroman or Roberto Osuna, but if someone offered enough, you’d have to consider it.

I’d curious to see what sort of deal the Jays could get for Josh Donaldson. Likely we will never know, unless he’s actually traded, but I’d be curious to know if there have been any offers. Next year, when Vlad Guerrero is closer, they might want to actively shop him, and, if he’s hitting more like he should, he might bring better offers.

The Score has a list of the “10 most untradeable contracts” and, at the top of the list is Troy Tulowitzki:

Since coming to the Blue Jays in 2015, Tulowitzki has consistently failed to meet expectations, even as the bar has been lowered. He's hit .249/.312/.415 over 232 games with Toronto, and both his defensive and baserunning skills have eroded in 2017. It's difficult to imagine any team would want to absorb the injury risk and money.

See, the trouble with baseball is that you always want to trade the guys that you can’t find anyone that wants one.

You always see people suggesting the team trade all the underperforming players. I kind of consider it the video game syndrome. In video games you can offer a package of bad players, and the computer run team will decide that they add up to one good player.

Use the thread to share any rumors that come along.