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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series at Boston Red Sox

15 inning games inspire some pretty golden tweets

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a comprehensive list of the Best Tweets from the Jays series at Fenway Park:

On the infinite number of items you can advertise on:

On Happ, wondering why the Jays pen and offense seem to be less than stellar on his starts:

On why Josh Donaldson struggled during Game 2:

On 2017 Justin Smoak:

On new strategies going forward:

On the most likely of Jays trades before the deadline:

On Pillar and his all too common struggle:

Kristin Smoak, who is all of us during Game 2:

On the VIP treatment for visiting sports reporters:

On basic advice for JD:

On miracles:

On Stro being Stro:

On desperate times in Game 2:

On ideas that are nothing short of brilliant:

On the physiological effects Game 2 had on us:

On the 2017 Jays nicely summarized in one tweet:

On the amazing workability of Joe's last name:

On Tulo's 4-6 night in Game 2:

On who we miss the most:

On the continued unpredictability of the Jays offense:

On that really weird thing that happened when Mike Bolsinger was very good:

On Miguel Montero's baby steps:

On why we keep watching:

On the observations of professional sports analysts:

On situations where Gibby has only one option:

On the Sox base running in Game 4

Everything about this situation:

On our dire appreciation for Osuna:

BONUS: Stro's shimmy

On the deep pool of Baltimore Cy Young contenders:

Think I missed a Tweet? Feel free to embed it in the comments!