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Cleveland completes sweep of Blue Jays

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Toronto Blue Jays v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Blue Jays 1 Cleveland 8

Cut and place any of the recaps from any of the other 53 losses so far this year.

Happ had a very rough first inning, giving up 4 hits and a walk and 4 earned. He ate some innings after that, and that’s about the best thing you can say about his effort. He fought through 6 innings, 9 hits, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts.

Happ is one of the few guys who I though had some trade value and then he goes and has a game like that

Our Smiths each pitched an inning of relief. Joe gave up a run, Chris didn’t.

And on offence we did nothing.

Well, Kevin Pillar hit a solo homer. Other than that, we had 5 singles. Jose Bautista had a particularly bad day, 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts. He’s had a bad time of it lately. Others having 0 fors were Smoak, Montero and Goins. Goins going 0 for in his next start or he’s in danger of his average dropping under .200.

No JoD today. Pillar had the top mark at .044 WPA. He had the home run and 2 strikeouts in 3 at bats.

Suckage: Happ (-.302) is the only one to get the number. That’s what happens when you allow 4 runs in the first.

My Twitter feed is full of ‘sell sell sell’. The unfortunate part is we don’t have many sellable players at the moment.


I have no idea what to say, the team is doing everything badly. I’d love to think there was a magic solution. Trade everyone? Sure....but who would take them? Takes two to trade or tango. Trade Donaldson? What playoff team wants a guy that hasn’t hit in a month? I think, if you want to trade him, the off-season is the time to do it. Trade Osuna or Stroman? If someone offers a ton, sure. I’m not sure there is that sort of offer out there.

I have people in my twitter feed crying about the McBroom trade. Sorry, but McBroom is 25 and has a .723 OPS in Double A. He wasn’t the future. Or if he was, the future isn’t a great place.

Sorry about the GameThread. I thought it was scheduled, but it didn’t go up. I should have checked.