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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series vs. Oakland

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Reading winning tweets is more fun than reading losing tweets

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the Jays series vs the Oakland Athletics:

On signs that take us back to October, 2016:

On Grandma’s excellent point:

On the continued misadventures in left field:

On newfound optimism:

On dad-joke worthy red star catches:

On valid questions that need to be answered:

On dangerous ideas:

On small victories:

On Darvish’s unjustifiable lack of appreciation for Toronto:

On redemption:

On Kendrys Morales’ love for double plays:

On the truth (which hurts):

On settling the continued Morales/Encarnacion debate:

On setting the record straight:

On our concerns for our pinstriped friends:

On Kevin Pillar’s questionable decision making:

On adapting:

On Sonny Gray’s fielding skills:

On the sympathy we all have for A’s fans:

On important details:

On things that we’ve tried that don’t seem to work:

On things we should try that might work:

On the hidden wonder that is Cesar Valdez:

Everything about this situation that is most definitely a sign of the end times:

On the sales strategies of the Jays’ front office:

On who to assign blame to for Tulowitzki’s base running in game 4:

On the underlying motives for Morales’ three home runs in five at bats

On Gibbon’s 44th career ejection as a Blue Jays Manger

On ripple effects:

On things that probably happened, but we didn’t get to see them:

On Steve Pearce, MVP, in Game 4:


On being upstaged by Aaron Judge:

Osuna’s mad skills:

Think I missed a Tweet? Feel free to embed it in the comments!