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Jays trade for Miguel Montero from Cubs

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So this surprises me, especially after this weekend’s rather sad effort.

The Blue Jays have traded for catcher Miguel Montero, plus some (likely a fair amount) of cash coming along with him, from the Chicago Cubs. A played to be named later will go to Chicago.

Montero, as you likely know, was DFAed by the Cubs, following a rather ill-thought out statement by Miguel, blaming his inability to throw out basestealers on his pitcher, Jake Arrieta. The Cubs weren’t happy about him saying that, and choose to get rid of him, instead of sitting down and talking to him. I didn’t understand that at the time. It isn’t great to throw a teammate under the bus, but why not deal with it in house.

Anyway, Montero is owed roughly $7 million for the rest of this season, I’d imagine the Cubs will be paying the lion’s share of that.

Montero can hit, .286/.366/.439 with 4 home runs, so far this season. He’s 33, turns 34 next week. He’s in the middle of his 12th MLB season. Career he is hitting .260/.342/.416.

His arm isn’t great, he’s thrown out just 3% of basestealers. Yeah, like he said, some of that is on the pitchers, but.....the other Cubs catchers can throw out runners. Wilson Contreras, catching the same staff, has thrown out 34% of basestealers

And there are personality rumors. There are rumors that, with the Cubs going to the White House, they wanted Donald Trump to say ‘Your Fired’ to Montero (which, to me, suggests there are other personality issues in that clubhouse. You’d have to be a jerk to suggest something like that). The Jays visit the Cubs next month. That should be interesting.

He’ll hit better than Luke Maile. That’s a given. Do we need to be adding players right now? Not in my mind, but it should make things interesting. Maybe this will shake up the offense.

The Cubs are looking for a veteran backup catcher, I wonder if they would consider Maile? I guess, if they would, he would be the player going to the Cubs and we wouldn’t be told it was a PTBN.

Welcome Miguel. I hope you enjoy your time with the Jays.