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Game #82 GameThread: Jays @ Yankees

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I don't even want to ask for a win today, just play decent.

It's about that time when someone should take a bat to the after game meal and go nuts. Unfortunately, the only guy that has credibility to do that is Smoak, and he doesn't seem to be that type.

Last year Donaldson complained that his teammates weren't coming to the plate with a 'plan'. Yesterday, after the first pitch of an at bat, Donaldson stepped out, and Tabler said 'he's trying to come up with a plan for this at bat'. Now I know I shouldn't listen to Tabs, but if he's coming up with the plan in the middle of the at bat, something is going wrong.

Something is wrong. Josh has 1 hit in his last 7 games. I don't know what's going on.

I think this screen should play out in the Jays locker room:

Just play decent baseball, ok?


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