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Teams scouting Marcus Stroman?

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Buster Olney said that the Jays are ready to make "hard right-hand turn into retooling or rebuilding."

After the last week, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

And Buster says that teams are ‘scouting Marcus Stroman’. I’m always of the belief that you listen to offers on anyone, but, in Stroman’s case, it would have to be a huge offer. Stroman isn’t a free agent until 2021, that is a long ways off. And he’s the type of guy that you would like to keep around for the rebuild/retool.

I think the same about him as I do about Roberto Osuna and Aaron Sanchez. I would be willing to listen on anyone, but these guys are young, not making much money, it’s hard to imagine you could get better value back. And they are guys you could build around.

But, yeah, if someone offered you a top 10 in baseball prospect, plus 2-3 other good prospects, guys that were close to the majors? You have to listen. that’s baseball.

You have to balance it with the knowledge that often these prospects don’t pan out. We got three good prospects for Roy Halladay (who was at a different place in his career, you’d have to get more for Stroman), Travis d’Arnaud, Kyle Drabek and Michael Taylor. None of the three turned into a star (though Taylor turned into Michael Wallace, who turned into Antony Gose, who turned into Devon Travis, who, if he ever gets a full season in, will be a star).

Olney lists the Cubs and the Yankees as teams that could be interested. I’ll bet that he won’t be going to the Yankees. In division trades are rare, generally only happening if the player can dictate where he is going. If you look at the history of Jays trades, you have to go back to Raul Mondesi before you get to a Yankees/Jays trade and that was a different event. The Jays were just thrilled anyone would take that contract off him. Before that there were the David Cone and Roger Clemens, but those were different circumstances too. Clemens demanded the Yankees, Cone was a rental.

Anyway, if I’m the Jays there are players I’d shop and there are players I’d listen to offers on. I’d shop Ezequiel and Pearce hard now, taking anything, to make room for Pompey, Smith and Alford (when he’s recovered). And, of course, I’d shop the older guys, to see if there is any interest.

The younger pitchers, teams would have to come to me. And the deal would have to blow me away. Good starters aren’t easy to find. If you trade one off, that’s leaving a big hole to fill in the future. Stroman’s one of the top pitchers in the game, you’d want a lot for him, but maybe someone would make an offer that makes sense?