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Game #83 GameThread: Jays @ Yankees

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Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

We are treated to another day game, I'm not sure why, I thought the July 4th long weekend was over and most Americans would be back at work. It's a travel day for the Jays, but they are just heading back to Toronto, for a night game tomorrow. I'm going to be listening to the game on radio. One of my Father's Day presents was a couple of Days in Waterton National Park, and so we are heading there today. It is a beautiful area.

Nice to get a win yesterday. Great pitching by Happ.

In non-news this morning:

They want him, they just haven't talked to the Jays about it. I want a pizza, I just haven't ordered one.

As I write this, the teams haven't announce their starting lineups, someone can put them in the GameThread.

Today's starting pitchers, I'm hoping today is the day Marco turns things around:


As always, remember we have rules around there. Mostly it's "don't be terrible". If a moderator ask you to stop doing something, please stop. Remember losing makes Tom a wee bit grumpy. Also don't debate the rules in the thread. Send Tom a note instead (he doesn't get near enough email).

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