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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series vs. the Angels

Steve Pearce walk off grand slams make Twitter a better place to be

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Tweets from the Jays series versus the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

On the likely conundrums for Bob Melvin:

On the continued unpredictability of the Jays offense:

On words of inspiration:

On Stro’s sheer awesomeness:

On Gibby’s backup plan:

On that thing Kendrys Morales did a lot of in this series:

On Matt Dermody, who was upstaged slightly:

On the continued reign of Justin Smoak:

On reasons why Samsung might not be selling many TVs:

On moments where we try new things that actually work out:

On what is considered to be newsworthy:

On what most people in America are missing out on:

On unwritten rules that should be formalized:

On baseball’s ability to induce nostalgia:

On Angel Hernandez, our favourite ump:

On that thing that happened where Liriano was really good during his last start:

On Troy Tulowitzki’s unfortunate injury on his 2nd anniversary of becoming a Jay:

On breakthroughs:

On Cesar Valdez’s rocky start:

On that minor thing that happened when Steve Pearce hit two walk off grand slams in four days:

On everything here, which can only be explained with “2017 Blue Jays

On the true definition of being Canadian:


On that Orioles trade that made us all scratch our heads:

Ezequiel Carrera and Kevin Pillar’s celebratory dance off

Think I missed a Tweet? Feel free to embed it in the comments!