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Blue Jays Players Weekend Nicknames T-shirt

Featuring Donaldson, Bautista, Stroman, Smoak, Pearce, and Osuna

To celebrate Players Weekend and the nickname jerseys the major leaguers are wearing, we worked with our partners at BreakingT and MLBPA to create this Beatles ampersand-styled player nickname t-shirt for Blue Jays fans. Yes, this time we’ve worked with the players’ union so this is an authorized shirt and is totally legit.

Purchase your super soft Blue Jays Players Weekend t-shirt here from BreakingT!

Because I had a hand in selecting the players to feature I have stacked the deck with my favourite ones (sorry, Ryan Goins fans, I took out Go-Go):

  • Bringer of Rain (Josh Donaldson)&
  • Joey Bats (Jose Bautista)&
  • Stro-Show (Marcus Stroman)&
  • Moakey (Justin Smoak)&
  • The Train (Steve Pearce)&
  • No Panic (Roberto Osuna).

We work with BreakingT because they are MLBPA-authorized, which means that the players benefit from each shirt sale. Also, they are extremely comfortable to wear and the screen printing stands up to repeated washing (I've worn our Bautista bat flip shirt many times).

Declaration: The author is compensated for t-shirt sales.