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Jays call up 5

Saunders, Ramirez, Maille, Hernandez and Urena September 1st callups

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we were wondering who would get called up September first, now we know. Odds are, there will be more coming as Leonel Campos and Nick Tepesch need to wait until 10 days after they were optioned before they come back.

The five coming up are Michael Saunders, Carlos Ramirez, Luke Maile, Teoscar Hernandez and Richard Urena. I missed on Saunders today. I really didn’t see the point in calling him up, still don’t, but he’s been in the majors.

The only pitcher is Carlos Ramirez, who minor leagues couldn’t hit at all, so I’m curious to get to see him.

We knew Maile was coming up and we can use a catcher who can throw.

Hernandez is the one Gibby said we would see. I hope he gets to play a fair amount.

And I was hoping Urena would get the call, because we really need another infielder. Barney and Goins really should be pinch hit for more often.