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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series at White Sox

Guaranteed great Tweets

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Tweets from the Jays series at Guaranteed Rate Field:

On lies:

On the underlying meaning of the Jays 2017 slogan:

On the effects of Josh Donaldson hitting 3 home runs in 3 days:

On new rules that should be adopted:

On coping techniques:

On the one who we really needed in Game 1:

On the importance of being clear:

On the many talents of John Gibbons:

On the innate abilities of our announcers to jinx situations:

On the less than stellar technical broadcast during Game 2:

On trying to live the glory days:

On the end of an era:

On Marcus Stroman in Game 2:

On re-adjusting our expectations:

On true facts:

On trades that we didn’t hear about:

On the things that we question:

On things that actually happened on the White Sox broadcast:

On valid questions:

On why we keep Darwin Barney around:

On reflection:

On how we all felt come August 1st, 2017:


On the trade deadline:

Cubs/D-Backs Rain Delay Bullpen Dance Off

Think I missed a Tweet? Feel free to embed it in the comments!