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The Best Tweets From The Jays Series vs. Boston Red Sox

The games were terrible, but these tweets aren’t

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

We are back with a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the Blue Jays’ series vs. Boston Red Sox:

On the Blue Jays’ 2017 slogan, which is perhaps better suited for 2018:

On things that we used to question but don’t these days:

On the many innovations in the Blue Jays’ lineup this series:

On our fondness for Mookie Betts, and our preference for his location:

On visual examples of why Steve Pearce was signed to play first base:

Conversely, on Marcus Stroman’s appreciation for Kevin Pillar’s incredible catch:

On Brett Anderson’s debut, which was masterful:

And Brett Anderson’s glass half full attitude:

And on our resulting distaste for Chris Sale:

On adjusting our expectations:

On the Blue Jays’ continued defensive struggles:

And on Miguel Montero’s continued throwing struggles, in particular:

On Dominic Leone, who is a very bright spot at the moment:

On certain Buck and Pat catchphrases, which make us scratch our heads:

On theories that should be explored more:

On a missing player who we will never complain about again:

On the boatload of sass that is in these Mike Wilner tweets:

(note: the original tweets aren’t embedding but they are worth expanding)

On Troy Tulowitzki‘s return to the Jays’ dugout:

On things that should be strongly considered:

On two strong contenders for this fun hashtag happening on Twitter:


This treasure, which was shared in a game thread