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Monday Bantering: Roberto Osuna and Michael Saunders Take Paternity Leave

Plus our lineup for tonight

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s something I didn’t expect to read today...Roberto Osuna is going to be a dad!

I had to double and triple check that he didn’t get Osuna mixed up with Kevin Pillar, who we all know is expecting his daughter at any time. This kid is full of surprises.

In similar news, Michael Saunders has also headed out to Colorado for the birth of his child:

(I had to choose this one purely for the wording).

A hearty congratulations goes out to Roberto and Michael. Looking forward to pictures of your bundles of joy!

After the rough news regarding Aaron Sanchez, we are treated with some good news regarding another injured player: Russell Martin could be back very soon!

It would be so great to have Martin back before the end of the season. I appreciate him more now than I ever have.

Here’s the line-up that will take on The Great Ubaldo Jimenez tonight. Hopefully the kids can help us out again. I hope Smoak is okay - I’m sure they are just taking it easy with him.