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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series vs the Orioles

that’s TWO series wins in a row!

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the Blue Jays series vs the Baltimore Orioles:

On things that we may have not noticed before, but should be pointed out:

On things we have come to expect:

On Darwin Barney’s epic slide during Game 1:

And Barney’s visual re-enactment of what actually happened:

On our continued appreciation for Dominic Leone:

On our continued confusion over the Ryan Goins’ hype:

On the weird and wacky stories sometimes told by baseball stats:

On this poor lady’s lack of ability to take a proper selfie:

On all the infuriating warning track fly balls in Game 2:

On what the front office executives could really be doing during these meaningless September games:

On our appreciation for Luke Maile:

On Joe Biagini’s dominant performance in Game 2:

On John Gibbons’ continued desire to hit a late-innings reliever quota in September:

On continued reminders of Buck Showalter’s decision not to use Zach Britton during the 2016 AL Wild Card game:

And then on the beautiful moment when Zach Britton blew the save (and lost the game):

On the unfortunate start to Game 3:

On the Blue Jays new “twilight hour” struggles that sometimes prevents them from catching the baseball:

On the GIDP issue that really did happen far too often in Game 3:

On the release of the 2018 Blue Jays schedule:


Marcus Stroman’s poor choice of words to describe falling asleep while traveling in an airplane:

On the pending arrival of Roberto Osuna’s child: