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The Best Tweets from the Jays Series at the Minnesota Twins

it’s time to find silver linings in meaningless September baseball

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the Blue Jays series at Target Field:

On the difficulty of maintaining interest in September baseball without a post-season berth:

On Buck’s over-enthusiasm for fly outs that look like home runs:

On a running theme of the Sportsnet commentary, which can also be applied to every other game:

On Brett Anderson’s early departure due to blisters:

And on solutions that aren’t working:

On the workability of Tom’s last name:

On the property damage caused by Luke Maile’s at bats:

On a certain lefty who we haven’t missed all that much:

On being the best at something positive(!):

On the significant amounts of stress our starting pitchers experience:

On the secret to Roberto Osuna’s dominant performance after his return from paternity leave:

On Kevin Pillar’s recent hot streak:

On our general lack of fondness for Byron Buxton:

On the diverse selection of appropriate songs to chose from for a ball game:

On the epitome of all things 2017:

On the unfairness of having to face Marco Estrada:

On our commentators, who we love...dearly:

On Matt Dermody’s accidental early exit after closing out the game:

On the Jays 2017 injury curse, who NO ONE is safe from:

On having your dreams crushed:

On the length of the first two innings in Game 4:

On priorities, that may have been affected by the length of the first two innings in Game 2:

On really unfortunate situations:

And suggestions for coping:

On trying new things that don’t make sense:

On finding silver linings:

On being grateful for Leonel Campos(?):

and for Justin Smoak:

and for Josh Donaldson:

and Carlos Ramirez:

Brett Anderson, who just wanted to make nobody missed the video of the guy catching all the ducklings falling off a roof:

ACEstrada’s wicked change-up:

On Trevor Bauer, who was responsible for breaking Cleveland’s winning streak: