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Let’s talk about some of the young Jays

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

I thought I’d ask your opinions about some of the new Blue Jays on the roster:

Teoscar Hernandez: Teoscar seems to be the batter who is getting the best look, from Gibby, which does make sense, since we are going to be needing an outfield (or two) to step up next year. Teoscar is hitting .265/.301/.574 with 5 home runs in 68 at bats. He hasn’t walked much, just 4 walks, but I’m thinking he’s feeling a little pressure to hit the ball (not that I’m expecting him to be someone that gets 100 walks). At the moment, he seems to have a leg up on getting the right field job next year. His defense looks fine to me, but then I’m used to Bautista, Pearce and Carrera out there. It should be interesting to see who has a better spring between him, Alford and Pompey.

Richard Urena: Richard seems to have lost playing time of late, he hasn’t had a start since the 21st. I don’t understand why not, I don’t see any reason to play Barney over him. I don’t know if there is an injury they aren’t talking about. He isn’t hitting great, .220/.281/.339 in 65 at bats, but then that’s no worse than Barney or Goins. He’s just 21, so unlike Barney and Goins, I do expect his bat to improve. It looks like he has a good arm, but he’s made a couple errors. I get the feeling he’s the type that will make a few errors, but I’m hoping his range will be good enough to over look it. I also hope that he’ll be playing in Buffalo next year. His problem will be that he’ll be passed by Bo Bichette with in a year or two.

Rafael Lopes: Not really a young guy (he turns 30 next week). His bat has been a pleasant surprise. He’s hitting .240/.328/.500 with 4 home runs in 50 at bats. We’ve had so many lousy hitting backup catchers, I’m happy to see one who can use the bat. He’s only thrown out 1 of 13 base stealers, but his arm, to me, doesn’t look as bad as Montero’s. I think he needs spring training to learn what all our pitchers throw. He’s had 5 wild pitches go past him, but I’m giving him a break because some of the guys throw pitches that, I’d imagine, will move more than a catcher would expect. I’m not against the idea of him getting a shot at being our backup next year.

On the pitching side:

Carlos Ramirez: He’s looked good. 13 innings, 4 hit allowed (course 2 of the hits were home runs), 3 walks and 11 strikeouts. He has a real shot at being a setup man next year.

Luis Santos: He’s had some good times and some bad times. He has a 2.57 ERA in 14 innings. But, he’s given up 3 home runs in that time. And, over his last 4 appearances, batters are hitting .320/.393/.720. He’ll be 27 next year, so he isn’t young. I’d like them to have him in Buffalo next year.

Tom Koehler: Again, not a young guy, he’s 31. The team to see him as a reliever going forward. As a reliever, batters are hitting .220/.256/.341, in 43 at bats. It could be a small sample size thing, but he does looks like that sort whose stuff plays up as a reliever. He is arbitration eligible this winter, so the team really needs to decide what they think of him.

Chris Rowley: He has a 7.13 ERA in 17.2 innings. I’ve said that I think he is the type of pitcher who would need time to figure how how to get major leaguers out with his stuff. But, if we intend to compete next year, he won’t be allowed that time.

Tim Mayza: The team seems to like him and he does throw hard, but he’s not had much luck so far. He has a 8.32 ERA in 14 innings. He has done well against lefties, .241/.313/.276, unfortunately right-handers have hit him at a .459/.474/.838 rate. Even LOOGYs need to be able to get right-handers out some of the time. He might be another who needs time to figure how to get major leaguers out.

Anyway, share what you think about the young guys on the roster.