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The Best Tweets from the Penultimate Jays Series (at Boston Red Sox)

Homers for everybody!

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a comprehensive list of the best tweets from the Blue Jays series at Fenway Park:

On broadcast errors:

On justifiable fears:

On Jose Bautista’s hitting resurgence:

On all the hype over certain players:

On our frequent frustrations with the Sportsnet announcers:

And on possible underlying motives:

On Gibbons’ most favourite relievers:

On our continued joy over Carlos Ramirez:

On reasons for the Jays’ continued adventures in the outfield:

On things we will miss a lot next year:

On Josh Donaldson’s dominant performance that included a couple first inning homers:

On the unpredictability of baseball:

On Chris Sale’s rough outing:

And on potential consequences:

And on Chris Sale’s sense of humor:

On one of the few things that are guaranteed:

On Teoscar’s two homer game:

On wishes being granted in Game 3:

On having fun with names:

On Darwin Barney’s home run:

On the wise choices:

On Teoscar’s 9th inning homer:


On AJ Hinch, who apparently doesn’t know how to save photos and then post them on his phone:

On this poor Cardinals fan: