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Rumor time: Cardinals to ‘strongly pursue’ a Josh Donaldson trade

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
I think Josh figures it would take 6 good prospects to pry him from the Jays.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I often consider Twitter to be a giant anthill. Most the time, all the ants are just working along, like normal, all going different directions.

Every now and then someone throws a rock on the anthill and gets us all excited.

Well, Bob Nightengale threw a rock on the Blue Jays Twitter hill with this:

We needed something to distract us from bad baseball.....

Anyway, I’m sure he’s right, I’m sure the Cardinals would like to get Josh. Who wouldn’t? The question is “what would they offer?”.

For me, if they are ‘strongly pursuing’ Jose, they would have to offer pitcher Alex Reyes. If I’m the Jays, I wouldn’t considered trading Josh to the Cardinals if Reyes wasn’t in the deal. Reyes had Tommy John surgery, last February, so there are some question marks, but he should be ready to go by spring training. It is very rare for a pitcher not to come back from TJ these days.

As well as Reyes, I’d want another prospect. I’ve been a fan of Tyler O’Neill for awhile now. He might end up a low average/big power outfielder, but with decent defense and an ok eye at the plate, add in reasonable speed and he seems to fit the ‘younger and more athletic’ mode that the Jays are talking about.

After that, it depends if you want a stopgap at third base, to fill in some of the hole left by Josh or if you want to jump Vlad Jr. to the majors.

If the former, I’d like Jedd Gyorko. He could play third and, when Vlad it ready, Gyorko can play other positions, depending on need.

If the latter, I’d ask for another pitching prospect. Dakota Hudson or someone like that.

I know the Jays have said they plan to keep Josh, and I think that’s a good public statement, even if they were planing on shopping him. But, no one is untouchable. You would have to offer a lot. If it was the Cardinals, for me, Reyes would have to be involved. If not, hang up the phone.

The Jays are in a good spot with Donaldson, if someone wants him, they can listen, but I would be very much in the ‘this is what we need’ and if they say no, walk away,

What offer would the Cardinals have to make to get Josh if it were up to you?