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Jays get walked off again, this time in the 19th inning.

Our 14th walk-off loss.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
This guy pitched tonight
Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Blue Jays 2 Cheaters 3 (19 innings)

So the 14th time we’ve been walked off this season. A new team record. I think the baseball record is 16. Giants (1969), Astros (1975) and Red Sox (1966).

As much as Osuna was terrible....our offense was just as bad, or worse. If you can’t score for 13 innings against 11 different pitchers, you really shouldn’t win.

Roberto Osuna is having a rough time of it. Comes in with a 2-run lead. Gives up a walk and a double and 2 ground balls scoring the base runners. The first one was right at Josh Donaldson and he thought about going home. Maybe should have, because when he went to first, the runner on second went to third. Then that runner came home on the next ground ball, Darwin Barney made a nice play keeping it in the infield, but, with the runner going on contact, he had no play at the plate. Osuna got out of the inning with the score tied, but blown save #10 was a sad thing.

I think they might have to take him out of the closer role and let him find himself in low leverage spots.

Suddenly we were looking at extra innings.

In Extras:

Top of the 10:

Steve Pearce struck out, Donaldson pops out and Morales struck out.

Bottom of the 10:

Tom Koehler in. He got Jackie Bradley to ground out, on a great play by Barney. Eduardo Nunez tapped a grounder that Koehler was just a little slow on, costing us an infield single. Dustin Pedroia lined one, thankfully Barney caught it. Another ground ball to Barney ended the inning.

Top of the 11th:

Jose walked to start the inning. Pillar bunted Jose to second. Michael Saunders hit a ground ball that I thought was going to sneak through the hole between third and short, but Boagarts made a nice play, and kept it an infield single, runners on the corners, 1 out. Justin Smoak hit a fly to medium deep center, but Bradley threw out Jose at the plate. Such is our season. Really someone should have pinch run for Jose.

Bottom of the 11th

Luis Santos came in (why not Koehler for another inning?). Mookie Betts walked. Hanley Ramirez popped out to left. Mitch Moreland tapped one to the pitcher, I thought we might get a double play, but we just got the batter. A strikeout to Bogarerts (very nice pitch on strike three) to end the inning.

Top of the 12th

Ezequiel Carrera, pinch hitting for Maile, single to start the inning. Richard Urena popped up a bunt, the pitcher, Austin Maddox, dove and got it and almost doubled Ezequiel off first. Steve Pearce popped out (making him 0 for 6). Josh ground out (making him 0 for 5, with a walk).

Bottom of the 12th

Santos out for a second inning. Sandy Leone popped out to Jose. Bradley struck out. Nunez popped one to center. Santos has looked much better than I thought he would.

Top for the 13th

Maddox still pitching. Morales popped up down the right field line. Jose struck out. Pillar had a fly out.

Bottom of the 13th

Matt Dermody in: Chris Young hit a fly ball to center that Pillar moved back on, to start, and, after recovering, was too late to catch. Single. Benintendi ground to second, Ryan Goins made a very nice play to get the lead runner. Dermody struck out Betts. A Hanley Ramirez fly out ended the inning

Top of the 14th

Heath Hembree in for the Red Sox. Goins struck out chasing. So did Smoak. Carrera slipped one, hard, down the 3rd base line, but for a ground out.

Bottom of the 14th

Dermody in for a second inning. He struck out Moreland. Bogaerts lined out to Jose. Leon ground out.

Top of the 15th

Someone named Robby Scott pitching for the Red Sox. Urena lined one to right and for the second time this game, Betts made a good catch off him. Raffy Lopez struck out. And then Farrell pulled Scott, because the game wasn’t long enough yet. Blaine Boyer came in for Josh. Josh hit a deep fly to the little triangle in center field. Pull it and that’s a homer.

Bottom of the 15th

Dermody in for his 3rd inning. Bradley hit a fly to the base of the monster. Ezequiel made the catch. Nunez hit a soft grounder, Urena made a good effort, but infield single. Sam Travis pinch hits and strikes out. Benintendi went up 3-0, but ground out on a full count pitch. Dermody was terrific. He deserves some runs.

Top of the 16th (please please someone score)

Boyer still in. Morales walked and Refsnyder comes in to pinch run. But, Bautista ground one hard right at the third baseman, easy double play. Funny that it was an easy double play because they were guarding the line. Pillar pops one to center.

Bottom of the 16th

Chris Rowley in (if the game keeps going he might pitch many innings). Betts hit one hard off the monster, but Ezequiel made a great play and kept it a single. Hanley Ramirez lined one to Jose.

Top of the 17th

I don’t even care who is pitching, looks like Boyer still. Goins strikes out chasing and swearing, loudly and in complete sentences. Smoak struck out looking (and not swearing). Farrell.....because the game is just zipping along, takes out his pitcher that we can’t touch. I think he wanted another commercial break. Frenando Abad in. Carrera singles to center. Urena singles to right, Carrera to third. At 1-2 Urena steals second. 2-2. Lopes would strike out after 9 pitches.

Bottom of the 17th

Rowley in for his 2nd inning. Boegarts lined one that Urena made a terrific jumping catch to rob him of a hit. Leon struck out. Bradley ground a soft one to first.

Top of the 18th

Someone named Carson Smith is pitching. First pitch, Josh thinks is inside. The Ump doesn’t. Some discussion goes on and Josh is out of the game. Our last position player comes in, Montero and he grounds out. Josh was 0 for 6 with a walk, but he’s gotta be smarter. Refsnyder grounds to third, Nunez makes a diving grab but throws high to first Refsnyder safe at first. Bautista strikes out on the same pitch that got Josh ejected, Jose catches himself in time to stay in the game. With Pillar up, Refsnyder is thrown out stealing.

I wonder how many players have ever been throw out of a game in the 18th inning?

Bottom of the 18th

Montero goes in to catch, Lopez plays third base. Rowley still pitching. Nunez grounds out, nice play by Urena. Tzu-Wei Lin, batting for the first time, flies out to left. Benetiendi (sp? I don’t care anymore) strikes out.

Top of the 19th (you gotta be kidding)

Pillar ground out against someone with a stupid tattoo on his neck (Hector Velazquez). Goins pops one out to left. Smoak hit a infield single. Ezequiel made good contact but right to the right fielder, he didn’t have to move.

Bottom of the 19th

Still Rowley? Yep. Betts lines one over a jumping Carrera at the Monster. He should have caught it but you know. Ramirez popped one to center that fell in front of Pillar and that’s the game.

Rumors of Marco Estrada’s (remember him, he started this game, many hours ago) demise have been greatly exaggerated.

He went 7 innings, allowed 3 hits (2 singles and a double), 3 walks and 3 strikeouts. I think he had 5 pop outs too. The Red Sox did load the bases in the 2nd, on a double and a pair of walks, but Marco pitched out of it.

Dominic Leone pitched a nice quick 8th inning (very welcome, because nothing the Red Sox do is quick).

On offense, we didn’t do much, just 12 hits and 4 walks in 17 innings. Buck says the 22 (23, I forgot the last one) strikeouts tied a franchise record. We scored:

  • 1 in the 2nd inning: Kevin Pillar doubled, Barney singled him to third and Teoscar Hernandez hit a sac fly to deep center field.
  • 1 in the 6th inning: Kendrys Morales hit his 27th home run, He’s had just 7 hits (with no walks) in the past week, but 4 have been home runs.

Barney had 3 of our hits. 2 each for Pillar had (both doubles) and Carrera. Steve Pearce (6), Donaldson (6), Hernandez (2) and Luke Maile (4) all had 0 fors.

As much as Osuna was terrible....our offense was just as bad, or worse. How you can’t score for 13 innings against 11 different pitchers, you really shouldn’t win.

Urena was robbed twice on hard hit balls to right field and he made some nice plays in the field. He did get a single in the 17th inning.

I thought the best part of the game was watching him play defense.

Jays of the Day: Pitchers Estrada (.480 WPA, 7 scoreless innings), Dermody (.444, 3 scoreless innings), Santos (.301, 2 scoreless), Koehler (.148, 1 scoreless), Rowley (.091, went 3 scoreless before giving up the run in his 4th inning. ) and Leone (.098). Saunders get a .124 for his pinch hit. Barney .089 and some good defense.

Suckage: Osuna (-.397). And in no particular order: Pearce (-.207), Lopez (-.201), Josh (-.186, plus getting tossed), Jose (-.226), Pillar (-.154), Goins (-.174), Smoak (-.387), Urena (-.141, not fair because he was robbed twice and he played some great defense) and Maile (-.108, on an 0 for 4 with 4 strikeouts).

Officially 6 hours even. Unofficially, about 23 of my life.

Apologies for this being a mess but.....6 hours of baseball.

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