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Blue Jays sign Aaron Loup to 1-year deal

Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankees Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Number 2 of 9, collect them all.

Aaron Loup and the Jays agreed to a 1-year contract, for $1,812,500 (I don’t know how they come to these figures), or so says Bob Nightengale. They save themselves from having to go in front of the arbitrator.

This is Aaron’s 3rd time being eligible for arbitration, next year he can be a free agent for the first time. A good season could make him a rich man.

Aaron had a 3.75 ERA in 70 games last year. Career, over 5 seasons, he has a 3.34 ERA in 319 games.

Unless we make a couple of signings, in the next 3 months, Aaron looks to be a sure thing to make the bullpen. He started last season as the number 2 lefty in the pen, behind J.P. Howell, but Howell lost the ability to pitch and Aaron was the only lefty to make it through the whole season in the pen.

Welcome back Aaron. Let’s try not to hit so many batters this year.