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Bits of Blue Jays News

Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankees Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

It’s been a pretty slow off-season, but we finally got to hear some news, all coming out of the Blue Jays Winter Fest.

  • Josh Donaldson says, again, that he wants to stay in Toronto, but that they haven’t had any conversations on a long term deal yet.
  • Donaldson also said that the team would be so much better if Aaron Sanchez ‘plays a full season’, which seems pretty obvious. Of course, the team would be much better if all of last year’s injured players play a full season.
  • Devon Travis has been ‘working hard’ to get his knee up to full strength. No setbacks. He figures he’ll be running in the next month. It would be good news if we get a full season from him.
  • Marcus Stroman says he is going to vary his delivery even more next season. “I’ve got a lot more tricks in store. Guys are going to get upset with me.”
  • And, no surprise, Stroman would like to be the opening day starter. I think it would be a surprise if he wasn’t the opening day starter.
  • Ryan Tepera talked to the coaches about joining the starting rotation last year. He’d like to be a starter. He’s developing a split-change, thinking that he would need a third pitch if he was to become a starter. And he’d like to be top five in the AL in appearances and innings pitched this season.
  • The team is looking for another reliever to make up for trading Dominic Leone.
  • Dalton Pompey concussion symptoms are gone and his knee feels better too. “Everything is good”.

It sounds and looks like a good time was had by everyone at the Fest. I hope they make it an annual thing and maybe have it go two days in the future. If you were there, tell us what you thought of it.