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Happy Birthday, Tom!

Wishing you the Best Birthday Ever

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Someone thought they could use all the hype over Vlad and Bo to distract us from the fact it’s his birthday today. Couldn’t let that happen. So,

Happy Birthday, Tom!

Tom has written over 8,000 posts for Bluebird Banter since 2008, and this place wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without him.

Thank you, Tom, for your tireless dedication toward making this one of the best Blue Jays communities online. Finding things to talk about every day (especially during particularly uneventful off seasons *cough cough*) is not an easy task, but you do it so well.

We are thankful for you, and wish you nothing but the best in the year ahead!

If you would like to give Tom a birthday gift, you can contribute to his 200km (!) bike ride benefitting the Alberta Cancer Foundation.