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Brewers sign Lorenzo Cain

Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

A free agent that the Blue Jays were interested in has signed with another team. Lorenzo Cain signed a 5-year contract with the Brewers. He’s to get $80 million over the 5 years.

The Jays tend not to want to go past 4 years. MLB Trade Rumors guessed that Cain would get $70 million over 4 years, so they weren’t far off.

It’s the second time the Brewers have beat out the Jays for an outfielder today, since we were apparently runner up in the race to get Christian Yelich. It is being reported the Marlins wanted Vlad Guerrero Jr and the Jays, thankfully, weren’t willing to give him up.

I’d imagine almost every trade conversation goes roughly the same way, the other team asks for Vlad, the Jays front office laughs and says no. And, if you were the other team, wouldn’t you ask about Vlad too? If I was another GM, I’d have a standing offer for Vlad. I’d say ‘if you are ever considering trading him, call me, I’ll beat any offer.’

But, he would be as close to untouchable as anyone could be, if I ran things. I’d imagine the team feels the same.

For the Brewers....their outfield gets a new total makeover, in just a couple of hours. I wonder how Ryan Braun fits into their plans now.

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