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Keith Law ranks the Blue Jays 17th best farm system

MiLB: JUL 15 Florida State League - Bradenton Marauders at Dunedin Blue Jays Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Keith Law has been busy of late. He put out his top 100 prospects, which included four Blue Jays, I’m sure you can name them but:

  • Vlad Guerrero Jr is second on the list:

The Baby Impaler -- no, wait, that doesn’t sound right -- Baby Vlad has his father’s face, but he’s already more physical than his dad ever was, and he’s showing something his father never did in pro ball: exceptional patience.

  • Bo Bichette 17th:

He’s a very hard worker and plays as if his hair is on fire, which might help him if he ever slumps ... which so far he hasn’t. He’s going to hit for enough average and OBP to be an above-average regular anywhere, probably with 15-20 homers at his peak; if he stays at short or works himself into plus defense at second, he’s a superstar.

  • Anthony Alford 44th:

The other question about Alford is when and if the plus raw power he shows in BP will show up in games; His season high in homers is nine, and he hasn’t even been a big doubles hitter so far. His physical age says he should be coming into more power by now; his limited baseball experience -- 308 regular-season games across six calendar years -- says to be patient. He looks like a sure regular, but some power could make him a star.

  • Nate Pearson 100th:

The development of his repertoire will determine his future role, but his size, control, and arm speed give him a pretty high ceiling, and the Blue Jays might have caught themselves quite a fish with the 28th pick.

And he’s also ranked the minor league farm systems and places the Jays 17th (up from 21st last year) on the list. He says:

The two teenaged wunderkinds dominate this system, which had a rough year on the pitching side, with the Double-A rotation full of guys who regressed from 2016.

And he notes that 2017 first round pick Nate Pearson instantly becomes our top pitching prospect. He’s right, it was a bad year for our minor league pitchers.

Law has the Braves, Yankees and Padres at the top of his list. The Mariners are at the bottom.