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Saturday Bantering: Bautista, Melky and Hall of Fame thoughts

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Bit’s of Blue Jays news:

Steve Buffery tells us the Jays front office is, at best, surprised about his supposed vision troubles:

“We do tests for vision,” Atkins told Postmedia. “We test vision with all our players and we’re doing everything to stay at the forefront of that research.”

It seems to stretch the suspension of disbelief that a major league player could have vision troubles that the team wouldn’t notice and correct quickly.

There are so many free agents still looking for contracts, that I’m doubtful Jose will be signing soon. I’d imagine his agent is looking for any way to get his client’s name brought up in some front offices.

Jon Heyman, for unknown reasons, tells us that the Blue Jays (among other teams) are a fit for Melky Cabrera.

I know know if Jon has missed the Jays picking up Curtis Granderson and Randal Grichuk, but it really appears to me that Jon is trying to do Melky’s agent a favor by suggesting there is a strong market out there. Hmmmmm, I see now he’s written a whole post on the subject. “Why has there been no free agent talk about Melky Cabrera?” Well, maybe because there are a couple of dozen better free agent choices out there?

I really admire how level headed and perfect this tweet from Michael Young is:

For me, what it comes down to is that the Writers have elected players into the Hall of Fame who have used PEDs, so I can’t understand why they want to punish the ones that used them most successfully. There are guys in the Hall who have cheated, so why aren’t Bonds and Clemens in? Because they were so much better than any of those other guys?

While on the Hall of Fame voting, I think it is a crime that Johan Santana is a ‘one and done’ candidate. He’s one who deserved time for people to build a campaign to get him votes.

And I agree with Jon Heyman, Fred McGriff should be in the Hall.

I hope you are all keeping track of the roster tree. Minor Leaguer does a great job in keeping it up to date: