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Question time: What Jays player didn’t live up to your expectations?

Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Brad White/Getty Images

Having one of those mornings, nothing is going right, and I have nothing that I really want to talk about, so lets have a quick question:

What Blue Jays player, past or present, did you have the highest hopes for but didn’t live up to your expectations?

For me, well Travis Snider.

Travis seemed to have all the tools and yet, through some combination of his personality and the coaching/front office, he never put it all together.

I’ve always thought that there is the right moment to call up a player, and that, if you think he’s a prospect, you should give him time to figure out the league. For Snider, I think the time came and we missed it.

He and Cito didn’t get along. I don’t know how much of the blame belongs to Cito and how much belongs to Travis. Cito was so good with Adam Lind, I hoped that he could build the same sort of relationship with Snider.

Cito did prefer players to pull the ball. I’ve never been a fan of the one size fits all batting styles. I think you can make a career being a strong pull hitter, but I think some do best using the whole field. But then, I don’t know if that was the reason that Cito and Travis didn’t seem to get along.

I thought Snider needed to be put in the lineup and left there. Don’t have him worrying that, if he went 0 for 4, he wouldn’t play the next day. It wasn’t like we were going to the playoffs in those years.

Sometimes I think we just miss the moment with some players. I’m worried about that with Dalton Pompey. I think we may have missed his moment. In part, because of injuries, in part because they never committed to him. They’d give him a few games, here and there, and then back to the minors. I always thought I’d rather have him than Ezequiel Carrera.

Anyway, for whatever reason, Travis never became the player I expected him to be. Give us your choice for Blue Jays player the you had the highest hopes for but didn’t live up to your expectations?