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Saturday Bantering: One-Liners

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Since there is no news and no rumors and nothing fun to write about, let’s do some one-liners:

  • We used 12 different players in left field last year, I’d bet none of us could name all 12 without looking it up. Ryan Goins wasn’t one of them.
  • Speaking of Goins, closest thing we have to a rumor is that the Royals are ‘considering’ him. If I was running an AL team with a good solid middle of the infield, I’d consider him too. I think he’s a good enough backup, but I wouldn’t want to give him 400 at bats.
  • Canada wins at the World Juniors,. Young people can’t do anything right, even win:
  • Or lose, Lias Andersson gets razzed for throwing his Silver Medal into the stands. I figure it is his, it is up to him what he does with it.
  • If you could have a no-trade clause in your MLB contract, which team would be on it. I’d pick the Yankees.
  • This is pretty cool, Jason Isbell talks about his Life in Five Riffs.
  • Would you give Lorenzo Cain a 5-year contract? He’s 31 now. I’m wondering, if the Jays were willing to go 4 years, would 5 years be that much worse?
  • If you wanted to build your team around one player under 25 who would you pick?
  • Who do you think will win today’s Wild Card games?
  • I think there is something wrong with Hall of Fame voting when Johan Santana looks to be a ‘one and done’ on the Hall of Fame ballot, while Omar Vizquel is likely to be 25% of the Ballots.
  • While on Hall of Fame balloting, I can’t understand why Vlad Sr. is a lock to go in, but Larry Walker is polling around 40%. They are, statistically, pretty even.
  • Anyone else thinking of going to Seattle for the Jays series in early August? Seattle is a great city to visit and you can watch the games with a lot of Jays fans.
  • Who is your early bet for Jays surprise player of the year? Positive surprise that is. I’m going with Devon Travis.
  • Without baseball to watch I’m rewatching the series House. The thing that I never understand is why House didn’t get punched more often. I’m a pretty easy going guy, and I’d have punched him several times each episode. Any suggestions on something to binge watch when I’m finished this?
  • If you could go back in time to watch one baseball player, who would you pick. I’m thinking Ty Cobb.
  • Mark Shapiro has been talking about ‘improving the fan experience’ at Rogers Centre since he got the job. Has there been any changes? Are their plans for any changes?
  • When will the Jays give us some real news to write about again? I’d talk a decent rumor or almost anything that was anywhere close to news.