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Question Time: Baseball Trip?

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians

I’ve been thinking about a baseball trip this summer, so I thought I’d open it up to suggestions. What Blue Jays trip would you take this summer? You can look at the schedule here.


  • April 9-15: Three games in Baltimore, followed by 3 games in Cleveland. I’ve been to Baltimore, good place to watch games and easy to get good seats and I like the city. Lots of great seafood. I’ve never been to Cleveland, and the park looks good.
  • May 25-June 3: 3 games each at Philadelphia, Boston and Tigers. I’ve been to games at each, but I like Boston. Philadelphia was a quick and weird trip and I didn’t get to see the city. I’ve only been to 1 game in Detroit and didn’t spent any time in the city (and I have no urge to spend any time there, but the park is nice).
  • May 21-27: 4 games at Anaheim, 3 in Houston. The Angels have a nice stadium, but you really need to rent a car there. I’ve toured Minute Maid Park, but I haven’t seen a game there. I’ve been to Houston a few times. You need to rent a car there too. It is a great city for food (if you like barbecue), but it is spread out and public transportation is non-existent.
  • August 2-5: 4 games in Seattle. A very nice city. Close enough to Calgary to drive to, and a great city to walk around. And a terrific place to watch the Jays with 40,000 of your closest friends. If you haven’t been to Seattle, you really should go. At the moment, this is in the lead.
  • September 11-19: 3 games each at Boston, New York and Baltimore. The nice part about this trip is the 3 cities are fairly quick train rides from each other. I’ve been to all three, but I like the cities. If the Jays are in a playoff race, these could be fun to watch, if they aren’t, well, I can spend a little extra time looking at the cities.

What baseball trips are you considering this summer?