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Bluebird Banter LCS Prediction Contest

Divisional Round - Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees - Game Four Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

We didn’t get the most exciting baseball in the LDS, though the ninth inning of last night’s game was pretty good and anytime the Yankees get thumped I’m happy, though that is offset by the Red Sox winning big. If there could have been a way for both teams to lose.

And Angel Hernandez proved, once again, how terrible he is at his job. CC Sabathia wasn’t thrilled with him. I’m expecting CC will be fined, but he’s right an umpire as bad as Angel shouldn’t be working playoff games.

In our LDS prediction thread, 8 of us picked the four winners, which seems to suggest there wasn’t much for surprises in the first round. The ones to pick the right teams were me, LimeyJaysFan, Thom Neligan, Warren123, Discardo, Dexfarkin, Martin Barratt and Alan F.

None of us got all the series number of games right, but Discardo was only off by one game. The only one he missed was the Brewers series, he predicted 4 games and it was 3 games. Pretty amazing job.

Congratulations Discardo, you are the winner.

In the LCS, let’s pick winner, number of games and total runs scored as a tie breaker.

The two series are:

Astros and Red Sox. Game one is Saturday night.

I’m going to take the Astros in 6, and 70 total runs.

Dodgers and Brewers. Game one is Friday night.

I’ll take the Dodgers in 5 and 50 runs total.

Give us your predictions.