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Jays to play Brewers in Montreal

Jays and Brewers finish spring training in Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium Photo by Charles Laberge/Getty Images

Once again the Blue Jays will finish spring training in Montreal with a two-game series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The games will be on March 25 and 26. After that the Jays have a day off and then start the season at home against the Tigers.

The Jays start their spring training schedule February 23, also against the Tigers. They play 32 games in Florida, before traveling to Montreal.

I do wonder how much the Jays have to pay the Brewers to get them to go to Montreal for those 2 games. It seems to be a big inconvenience to travel there and play two games on the rather terrible turf at the Big O.

Montreal is a great city to visit. I went for the spring games back in 2016. It would be fun to go to the games in Montreal and then take the train to Toronto for the season opening series.

It isn’t all Vlad at the AFL: