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Bluebird Banter World Series Prediction Contest

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

In the LCS the Red Sox won in 5 and the Dodgers in 7.

MaTriS, canuck89 and bellw both had Red Sox in 6 and Dodgers in 5, so just 1 game off being perfect.

chas e had Red Sox in 7 and Dodgers in 6, also 1 game off.

So I have to do math, damn....

The 5 game Red Sox/Astros series had 50 runs scored.

The 7 game Dodgers/Brewers series had 47 runs scored.

MaTriS guessed 48 AL, 38, NL off by 11.

Canuck89 guessed 50 AL, 40 NL off by 7.

bellw guessed 52 AL, 38 NL, off by 11.

chas e guessed 45 AL, 36 NL, off by 16

So Canuck89 is the winner. Excellent job.

For the World Series give us the winner, number of games, MVP as first tie breaker and total number of runs as second tie breaker.

Personally I have no idea.

Let’s guess Red Sox (ick) 6 games, Chris Sale and 55 runs,